Ever-Simmering Holiday Potpourri

Something my Mom has done since I can remember around this time of the year is the most lovely of traditions. The ever-simmering pot of holiday potpourri, the aroma is not too overpowering like most potpourri's can be, it is soft and elegant and gently inches itself into all the little crevices of the house.

This smell reminds me of coming home from school or work on a cold rainy (snowy if we were lucky enough here on the west coast) December day, the house is warmed by a fire, lit with candles and tree lights and the air smells of the most pleasant wintry aroma a mixture of cinnamon, oranges, cloves and a few other accents.

It is super simple to throw together and you can put almost anything you have on hand into it. No star anise add some allspice, no fresh ginger had some powdered, no oranges use lemons, you get the idea, don’t have an apple just keep it out.

My Mom’s recipe is a little like the below, I added a few different touches. Like I said you can really make this your own, throwing in different spices, herbs or seasonal fruit. Happy Holidays!

ever-simmering holiday potpourri


3 cinnamon sticks

3 star anise

1 tbsp nutmeg

2 tbsp of ground ginger

1 sliced orange

1 sliced apple

1 sprig of rosemary


Fill a small pot or kettle with water, add all of the above ingredients bring to a boil and then lower the heat all the way down to 1 and simmer endlessly all day long. Adding more water as needed throughout the day so the ingredients don’t start to burn. You can keep this same pot going for a couple of days, enjoy!