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the art of making preserved lemons

The art of preserved lemons sounds much more dramatic than it really is. Preserved lemons are actually incredibly simple to make, like silly simple, it’s two ingredients so really it doesn’t get simpler than that. And they add such an amazing depth of flavour when added to dishes that the waiting time of a month […] Read more…


vanilla yogurt + roasted strawberry spelt muffins

I have a feeling that over these next summer months there might be a few lot of recipes with some kind of berry or fruit roasted into the title. Roasting, baking, grilling, sauteing, simmering really any way you can think to heat up and warm up fruit is a favourite past time of mine. Whether […] Read more…


Roasted Red Pepper + Chipotle Harissa

I absolutely love spicy foods. I get it from my Dad, growing up he was always adding hot spices and chilis to dishes. He would make so many different cultural meals from Thai to Indian to Mexican and everything in between, so my taste buds have definitely been able to develop and grow to love […] Read more…


maple sweetened dark chocolate + pecan banana bread

It is the one baked item I remember the most growing up, well besides the classic chocolate chip cookie (which I am in the mid stages of developing a twist on an old classic, hopefully coming here soon). It was my favourite thing to bake probably because I loved the raw batter, maybe even more […] Read more…

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