bordeaux cherry & chocolate nice cream

i am going to keep this post short and sweet, just like the nice cream recipe attached. it took me a little while to get onto the nice cream train (whoot whoot all aboard!) but now i am on and it and can't seem to find my stop. 

it is such a simple concept and truly does fill those ice cream cravings. now of course like any "this is better for you than the real thing treat" it is not exactly like ice cream but it is pretty darn close and when in a pinch really does beat those guilty pleasure cravings. 

plus you don't need any fancy equipment to make nice cream, no churning necessary, just a food processor/high speed blender, some simple frozen fruits and a couple of hours freezing time and you are on your way to a healthy, guilt free (although I really hate using those words because everything you put into your body should be guilt free, the guilt adds to the "weight of the problem" if you ask me, but that is a whole other convoluted, long post to get into), summer sweet treat!

i hope you enjoy this variation of nice cream as much as i have. chocolate and cherries, well chocolate and any kind of fruit really go just lovely together. ok, ok let's be honest chocolate and anything goes really great together...

bordeaux cherry and chocolate nice cream-30.jpg

bordeaux cherry & chocolate nice cream


5 frozen bananas

2 cups of fresh pitted cherries

1-2 tbsp of pure maple syrup

2 tsp pure vanilla

100 grams dark chocolate


add everything except 1 cup of cherries and the chocolate into a large food processor or high speed blender. blend until smooth and creamy. 

roughly chop the second cup of cherries and chocolate. mix into the blended nice cream and add everything to a loaf pan (or any dish that can go into the freezer). 

freeze for 6-8 hours and enjoy either by the bowl full or grab yourself some ice (aka nice) cream cones and lick away!

note: do not use fresh bananas, you will not get the some consistency as blending frozen ones. you can freeze one cup of the cherries before blending them as well but you want to keep one cup fresh to add into the mix with the chocolate chunks.