My 10 Life Wellness Rules to Live by

Today I am sharing my 10 life wellness rules to live by. Yes I start out contradicting myself and telling you to throw out all the rules and life doesn’t need them…but bare with me because these wellness tips will support and enliven your health in such a way you will want to keep them around and in your back pocket at all times.

1. Norms smorms

I say forget the standard averages, rules and principles, wave that curiosity wand of yours and beat that drum to your own rhythm. You are free to live this one wild and wonderful life anyway you see fit. Forget what society tells you to do and create your own perfect, rules or no rules reality, the one meant for only you. Curiosity and creativity are a whole lot braver and a heck of a lot more fun than the hoity totty mundane norms of life.

2. Believe in yourself

You know that old saying; your beliefs create your reality, well so do your thoughts and your energy. If you are sitting back believing you can’t or won’t succeed chances are you won’t. If you believe the dark side is more powerful and the bright, chances are there is going to be a lot more negative than positive in your life. If you believe only bad, horrible, painful circumstances happen to you chances are you are subconsciously manifesting these heart breaking situations. Change your beliefs, your thoughts and your energy, reach for the positive, the love, the harmony, the happiness and the joy and watch that manifest into your life. Change is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

3. Live your colourful truth

Whether you are a bright primary, soft pastel or muted grey shine your authenticity to everyone and everywhere you go. Show up every single time with your passionate truth and nothing less. This is your gift to give, your unique expression of yourself. Others gravitate to those that show themselves compassionately, unapologetically and whole heartedly. It is a fact, people want the real you, stop holding back your truth.

4. Laughter is the crème de la crème

A sense of humour in this somewhat “hard” world is what I call your golden ticket to the train of making it through. Experience the laugher that brings tears, the hysterical laughter to the point of silence, the my cheeks hurt so much but I can’t stop laughing kind of moments….doesn’t matter if the moment calls for it or not you can always find something to laugh at in good and bad times. Oh and make fun of yourself, lighten up and loosen up.

5. “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”

Michael Pollan you are a genius. Your body is your vessel, your life force, your one and only true home on this planet so respect it. Whole foods, plant based, intuitive eating, tune into your body she will guide you and tell you her needs and wants you just have to be willing to listen. Listen to your inner guide and you will never need to “diet” (a word I don’t believe in) again.

6. Ground yourself in nature

The world is vast, ethereal, magical and largely beautiful. Turn off the T.V., shut down the computer, put that phone on airplane mode, get off your hiney and out into nature. Experience the wonders the world so badly wants to show you. She is a show off and she loves an audience. Watch the sunrise and the sunset all in one day; walk or run a trail and soak in the vitamin d beaming down with every step. Climb to the top of a mountain and breathe in the divinity. You will soon realize what is important in your true reality.

7. Self-care through Body Movement

Find something you love to do and I mean love and make it a daily ritual. Your body craves and needs movement, we were not meant for these sedentary lives that we so often live. It does not have to be vigorous; it does not need to be long and drawn out, 30 minutes walking, so beneficial. So find your movement and make it part of your day (oh and to be the contradicting bee that I am, don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, its ok you have tomorrow).

8. Acceptance + Forgiveness

Forgiveness will open your heart and send you soaring into those luscious feelings of acceptance. Forgiveness is extremely gratifying and highly underused. Forgive the past, people and events and accept the Now, let it open you up to new beginnings and possibilities. If you are holding onto past judgements and grudges that is your one way ticket to misery town. Release yourself, release others, let go and take some deep breaths, welcome that feeling of acceptance to flow over your entire body.

9. Say Thank you with a little Gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful force that when shown can make everything around you that much more valuable and absolutely better. Be grateful for every single little and large moments in your life, show it, scream it, want it and need it. Gratitude is a game changer.

10. Furry Friends

Get an animal, cat, dog, hedgehog whatever floats your boat. That animal is going to love you UNCONDITIONALLY (like no other) for ever and ever and ever…..and ever. Seriously that purr, those puppy eyes, that excited wag, wiggle and jump when you walk in the door after being out all day never tires, it warms your heart every single time and that feeling of love is priceless.

Now you tell me sweet pea do you have any life wellness rules you live by? Pop them in the comments below…