Welcome to my online nest a place I hope you will feel as at home as I do.

I Am a freelance natural light photographer, story teller, recipe creator and stylist living in the picturesque west coast of Canada in Victoria, BC.

Here I will take you on a journey through the seasons. Creating slow food that is meant to be rustic, imperfect, nourishing & sometimes indulgent. My heart is most content when I am cooking, nesting or wanderlusting and of course in love...


This space will always be a collection of my most delicious and treasured recipes (and maybe a few random ramblings that I feel you must know). My recipes stem from either my cravings, passed down from family or inspired by my muses.

Some facts you must know about my food;

 Any and all meat & eggs (and dairy as much as I can) I use in my recipes are sourced locally, humanely raised, hormone free, antibiotic free, grass-fed and organic. This is extremely important to me and I have written a couple of times on my blog about my reasons why here and here.

The jist; I believe what we put into our bodies correlates directly to our health and well-being, if affects everything about us mind, body, soul and spirit.  So I don`t think there is time to put anything less than the best into our bodies. Plus grass-fed anything tastes worlds better and if I am going to sacrifice another animal being I want to know they lived the best life that they could.

We also mostly try to  eat seasonally. We are extremely fortunate to live in an area that is lush with local vegetable & berry farms and are surrounded by farmers markets which make it very easy to live through and enjoy each season to its fullest. The "we" is me, Paul (my love) and our pup Solomon.



My home, my nest, my muse...

I am a strong willed homebody to the deepest of deep cores. It really is my most favourite place to be (besides when we are wanderlusting around this beautiful globe of ours).

I have spent so much time and energy making our home as special as it can be to us & within our means. 

Our dream is to one day be lodged up in the woods along the vast west coast line of BC. In some kind of a-frame/rancher like home. 

Where the kitchen is the heart of the home and a long dining table will preside. Where wine racks reach the ceiling and warm knits are scattered about for afternoons by the fire.

Where we can see no others and no others can see us. Where we will grow & forage our own seasonal vegetables & fruits (that our weather here permits). Where we will hopefully raise our own free-range chickens, Solomon (our ever so gentle rottie) will finally have some best friends he so longs for.

Where we will cook meals in nature, on top of fire blazing logs with adirondack chairs circling around. 



It was as if it was meant to be. Neither Paul nor I travelled much in our early 20's before we met (at the age of 23 & 24). Which turns out I am pretty grateful for because it has meant we get to pick places neither of us have ventured to and we are experiencing these places for the first time together. 

 As much as Paul and I are both homebodies we also have the same desire to travel, to experience other cultures as deeply as we can and to devour food from all over the world.

There is no one I would rather globe-trot around with other than Paul. We both appreciate the same experiences while we are travelling and our bucket list is almost identical. 

I don't have all the of places we have been to documented here because truthfully I only started taking "good" photos a couple of years ago but as our bucket list gets ticked off I will share our adventures through my eyes with you.

My desire & hope is to one day hold photography/cooking retreats either within my home or somewhere foreign...you will be the first to know when those dreams come true.